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Crypto Asylum supports local events across North America whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Below is a schedule of events where we will be on hand. Hardware wallets will be available for purchase where noted.

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CoinFest Vancouver: Lightning Edition

Years ago, CoinFest began with a specific purpose: to spread Bitcoin adoption among merchants and consumers. Good times were had by all (except the Federal Reserve) as we celebrated with free events at Bitcoin-accepting venues around the city and world—often simultaneously—in keeping with decentralized and open source principles.

Interest in spreading merchant adoption waned as transaction fees and confirmation times rose. Now, however, Bitcoin has been reinvigorated by the institutional adoption of SegWit and the advent of the Lightning Network, a protocol layered on top of Bitcoin’s and other blockchains. It allows for instant transactions that are not only vastly cheaper but can be conducted across blockchains to link them together!

Therefore, in a new twist on an old tradition, we’re going back to several of our favorite Bitcoin-accepting merchants to set up the Lightning Network using the demo of Adam’s upgraded CoinOS POS system. That includes a FOOD TRUCK and a BREWERY, both of which will be bringing their goods to several of the events. The system will be very beta and require downloading the CoinOS mobile app, but standard network fees are now pretty low regardless for those who want to do it the old-fashioned way.

DCTRL Vancouver will host the first and last events and serve as a hub to coordinate activity. This includes hosting the International Hangout, which creates a decentralized audience by setting up projectors and camera feeds at multiple locations around the world. Other participating cities include Manchester, Arnhem and Gaborone.

*Events may be paid and require registration in order to attend and enter the venue. We suggest checking the applicable links to the events for Admission and Pricing details. 


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