North America's Trusted Retailer of Trezor, Ledger and Digital Bitbox Hardware Wallets!
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North America's Trusted Retailer of Trezor, Ledger and Digital Bitbox Hardware Wallets!
Mon-Sat: 08:00–17:00 Sun: CLOSED
+1 123 456 789

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept Bitcoin?

Of Course!

We are strong believers in Bitcoin, so naturally its the main currency we accept!

Do you accept Ether, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Etc.. ?

We accept all major altcoins which are currently listed on

But why don’t you accept them directly?

The cryptocurrency world has grown, and the number of currencies available also grows daily. Unfortunately we cannot keep up with the demand of every altcoin so we have decided to focus on bitcoin for now. We may consider adding altcoins in the future, however at this time we simply ask you use Shapeshift.

Do back-ordered items ship seperately?

We do not ship partial orders. Orders will not be shipped until all products on an order are available and your order is complete.

If your order contains back-ordered items, and you wish to have available items shipped sooner please make sure to complete a separate order for back-ordered items.

Do you Accept Credit Cards?

We now accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for Customers within Canada and the USA. International Customers are not eligible for Credit Card payments at this time.

We do however consider you use bitcoin or another cryptocurrency if you are able. It’s up to all of us to encourage adoption, and using your coins to spend on products you would have bought with Credit Cards is the best way to support those merchants who also want to spread adoption.

Do you accept Paypal?

At this time we do not accept Paypal.


Can I arrange a pickup?

Unfortunately our offices are not public, therefore we can only arrange shipments via Canada Post at this time.

Crypto Asylum ships daily and uses Expedited Parcel as a minimum service standard.

What Product is the Best?

Product choice is based on the users personal preference. To help guide your decision, we have added videos to our major products which show how to setup and use the products.

At the end of the day, you want something you find easy to use and will protect your investment.

Do You Ship to Canada?

Yes! We are based in Vancouver, BC so we ship all of our shipments from our offices here.

Shipments within Canada are sent with Canada Post, Tracked and with Signature.

Do You Ship to the USA?


We transfer stock to our USA warehouse twice a week and then ship all shipments from within the USA. This allows our shipments to be mailed from within the USA.

Shipments within the USA are sent with USPS, Tracked and with Signature.

Do You Ship around the World?


All Worldwide shipments originate in our Vancouver, B.C. Canada offices and are shipped with Canada Post.

International shipments can only be paid for with Bitcoin. Unfortunately International shipments do not have Tracking or Signature at this time.

What Currencies Does Trezor Support?

At this moment it is Bitcoin, Ethereum (+ all ERC-20 tokens), Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Testnet.

Wallet Interfaces for TREZOR by Currency
Bitcoin TREZOR Wallet
Litecoin TREZOR Wallet
Zcash TREZOR Wallet
Bitcoin Cash / Bcash TREZOR Beta Wallet
Ethereum MyEtherWallet
Ethereum Classic MyEtherWallet
ERC-20 Tokens MyEtherWallet
Namecoin None
Dogecoin None
Bitcoin Testnet Custom TREZOR Wallet

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