Billfodl – MNEMONIC Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Wallet

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Billfodl is fireproof, corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant and virtually uncrushable. Furthermore, the fact that the wallet operates entirely offline means that, unlike engraved plates with a QR code, no third party can access the owner’s personal data. – Container for up to 96 characters + stainless steel letter tiles – Private, off-line storage for private keys and passwords – Lightweight, stainless steel – Indestructible, acid­resistant, and uncrushable – Fireproof up to 1200 C, or 2100 F – Compatibility: Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies – No tools necessary

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Billfodl is the safest way to store your private key or Seed Words. All major crypto wallets (Trezor, Ledger, Samourai, etc) use a system of Seed Words to back up your private keys. If your phone or hardware wallet gets destroyed, you will need this 12 to 24 word phrase to recover your funds.

If you are like most people, you store your Seed Words on a piece of paper. Probably in the same desk you put your phone on every night to charge. If there is a fire or flood, both the phone or hardware wallet and the piece of paper with the seed words on it will be destroyed. Or maybe your spouse, significant other, or child finds a piece of paper with random words on it and throws it in the trash, unbeknownst to you until you need it months or years later. You need something permanent, solid, and dependable to store your Seed Words on.

Constructed of 316 stainless steel, Billfodl offers the best corrosion resistance in the stainless family to protect your information in even the saltiest environments. With a melting point of 2500 – 2550 deg F (1371 – 1399 deg C), it can withstand more than double the temperature of an average house fire (1100 def F/ 600 deg C). And, it’s impervious to any type of electrical hazard you could dream of.

When you wake up and see that Bitcoin is at a new All Time High, there is no lingering doubt wondering if something will happen to your wallet to ruin the party. Since Billfodl gives you the peace of mind to know your cryptocurrencies are backed up on something that isn’t going short circuit, get hacked, burn up, or rust out, the real question you should be asking is “Why would you use anything but Billfodl?”

With Billfodl, you can assemble any kind of private key you need (seed phrase, alphanumeric, hexadecimal, etc)! Just use the provided tiles organized inside the package, and slide them in one by one, then close and lock!

Billfodl is Waterproof

Composed of the highest quality marine grade 316 stainless steel, Billfodl protects against all water related threats, including corrosive salt water. It’s so good, your data would be safe at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Billfodl is Fireproof

It is protected up to 1200C/2100F and is top rated to protect against heat related elements that might destroy your sensitive data.

Billfodl is Shockproof

It is constructed to withstand over a million volts of electricity. Whether it is solar spots, a nuclear strike, or a microwave bomb, nothing protects your data like Billfodl does.

Up to 24 Words

BIP39 was designed in such a way that users actually only need the first 4 letters of each word in your mnemonic seed phrase. With this in mind Billfodl is double sided and designed with 24 slots of 4 letters each, allowing you to store both 12 word and 24 word phrases along with any other 96 character keys or passwords.


Billfodl is licensed from Cryptosteel under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.

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